5 Secrets to a Successful Wedding Reception

“Greg, you did a very good job making Sarah and Matt’s wedding day special.
Thanks for making the day one that we will all treasure. God bless you!”

Jan Warner

The DO’s and DON’Ts from someone who knows.

  1. DO remember what it’s really all about.
    Your wedding day will pass quickly. 
    A wedding is the celebration of something much more important than how great your dress looked or what was on the menu: the decision two people make to join together and live their lives as one. 

  2. DON’T create a wedding for others at the expense of your personal desires and responsibilities.
    A wedding is an event intended to bring people together but more than anything else, it is about uniting two people together for life.
    Focus on creating the kind of celebration you want, not the one you think other people will expect you to have.
    DON’T invite people just because you think you have to.
    Invite those who you care about most and who are truly involved in your life. 
    Don’t make choices to please others if they will make you unhappy, and don’t spend more than you can afford.
    The simple truth of wedding budgeting is that each additional guest means an increase in cost. 
    On your wedding day, you want to be surrounded by familiar, loving smiles. 
    You don’t have to have a flower-girl and ring-bearer if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to have attendants. 
    Maybe you’re a grown-up bride who finds the garter toss ritual embarrassing; if so, skip it (see “Flying Flowers” below).
    There’s no law that says you can’t walk yourself down the aisle and give yourself away. 
    Although you should be careful about tampering with religious rituals, feel free to create your own traditions. 

  3. DO start your wedding on time. 
    If you don’t, everything will run behind schedule, and that can create problems at your reception later. 
    If you must delay the start of your ceremony, for whatever reason, do so by no more than 10 minutes. 

  4. DON’T forget to eat.
    Seems obvious but trust me, famished, fainting brides and grooms are a bigger problem than you might imagine.
    If you are considering skipping meals before your big day so you can look better in your wedding attire…DON’T. 
    Breakfast before your ceremony may be your last meal of the day, and you’ll be on your feet for most of it. 
    You NEED the energy. 
    Eat as much of a meal before the wedding as possible, and try to eat at the reception too. 

  5. DO Consider a Wedding Planner. 
    It’s easier to have fun at your wedding when someone else is taking care of the unforeseen disasters. 
    I have seen too many brides trying to call the shots behind the scenes and not really enjoy their Big Day. 
    Minor problems will occur…they always do. But keep in mind that no one will probably even notice. 
    If a big problem is looming, let your Planner (or someone else) take care of the details. 
    Relax, smile, and enjoy your Big Day. 
    Whatever type of wedding you want, a Planner can help your vision become a reality. 
    In fact, a Planner can be a smart move economically. 
    They know your budget and can help you stick to it. 
    A Planner will be aware of things that brides may overlook. 
    The best way to find a good Wedding Planner is through recommendations from friends and vendors. 
    If you attended a wedding and it seemed well-planned, find out if a Planner was behind-the-scenes. 
    Wedding Planners can also head off family squabbles just by being a neutral third party. 
    A professional will ease the burden and help you have the wedding of your dreams. 
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