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Ascension Productions exists to serve. It doesn’t matter if your party is at the fanciest banquet hall in town or a backyard BBQ, we are committed to meeting your needs with the utmost in professionalism. We believe that music is a very powerful communicator and because of that our music should match our beliefs. We believe that it is possible to have good clean fun with good clean music.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this going to cost?
Standard rate is $999 for a wedding reception and $599 for a less-formal party. Although this rate is moderate we would not want to miss an opportunity due to finance. We offer four main packages:


  • The “BODACIOUS” Big Day Package includes 4 speakers, our Pro Sound Wireless Mic, our 10-foot lighting truss with 10 lighting effects. $1199
  • The “BIG” Big Day Package (Our Most Popular Bundle) includes Pro Sound Wireless Mic, our 5-foot lighting truss with at least 6 lighting effects. $999
  • The “BUDGET” Big Day Package is our “On A Budget” basic sound and lights bundle. $799
  • The  “INFORMAL” Big Day Package is perfect for small events not wedding-related. $599
  1. Can we meet in advance?
    We would love to! We find it helpful to meet with every couple or event organizer in person or over the phone prior to the event to pre-arrange as much as possible… including requests for specific songs and artists.
  2. When is the set-up and who does it?
    Nobody wants some guy setting up and testing sound equipment during the reception dinner. We make every attempt to be completely set-up before your first guest arrives. Being able to start on time or even early is very important to us.
  3. Who controls the volume?
    We are there to serve you. Therefore YOU control the volume! Because your guests may want to visit as well as dance, we will try to create a “dead spot” in the room for conversation. This is not always possible so please let us know how you want the volume adjusted. Plus…we don’t interrupt the flow of music by taking breaks…And our microphone is open for you (or select guests) for prayer, toasts or announcements anytime during your event.
  4. Our date is set…can you be there?
    To check for availability contact us now.

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